Status quo is safe

A little over a year ago I typed out some thoughts for New Ink about dealing with the status quo. As we prepare for another  year of audacious thinking, I thought it would be good to revisit this post: 

Status quo is safe. Status quo is comfortable. Status quo is poisonous.

Maintaining the status quo is like shoveling water out of a sinking ship. The sad thing is that the majority of businesses, politicians and churches have become expert shovelers.

They brag about how fast they can shovel water out of their sinking ship and even have the audacity to tout the quality of the pail they’re using. All the while unaware of just how out of touch they really are.

Why do we as humans do this?

The answer is that people hate change and status quo is the savior of tradition.

Hidden behind the seductive allure of tradition is the poisonous reality of what happens when you resist change. You sink. We get so comfortable with our way of doing things that we stop thinking critically. We stop asking, “Why?”

“Why do we do that?” 
“Why do we think this way?” 
“Why don’t we try this?”

Start asking, “Why?” and if the knees of those in control begin to tremble, it's time for change.

Think. In what ways have you or your company simply upheld the status quo? When did you stop asking, “Why?”

“Why” is dangerous. 
“Why is uncomfortable.
“Why” is survival.

Posted on January 17, 2013 .