Heart and Soul - 2 Years Later

On this date two years ago my dad preached a sermon at First Baptist Church in Downers Grove, IL. The crowd consisted of people young and old that had come from both near and far. But this wasn't an ordinary sermon. On that sunny Saturday I had the privilege of having my dad preach my wedding. Near the beginning of his message he mentioned a song that reminded him of my (now) wife Katie and I. You've probably heard the melody, but feel free to press play and keep reading:

The tune is familiar, but it isn't often you hear the lyrics, written in 1938. They go like this:

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you, lost control, the way a fool would do, Madly... Because you held me tight, And stole a kiss in the night..

My dad told stories of Katie and I throwing ourselves, heart and soul, into everything we do. That we were so obviously wired to dive head first into life. He went on to say... well, I'll let you read for yourself:

"Nick and Katie - continue to live and love heart and soul. If you do, perhaps 70 or 80 years from now, when a child looks at a faded photograph of this day way back in 2010 and asks one of your children or grandchildren about those beautiful people in that picture...

Asks what their marriage was like, what that couple who wed on that day in July were really like... May your love and passion for each other and for your Savior still speak. Perhaps... it will be as simple as a melody, played out in the next room." (At this point Heart and Soul was played softly in the background on the piano.) "Through tears, smiles and sweet memories may your children say:

"Ah. It was a great love story. For they loved each other and they loved their God, heart and soul. And oh and heights they climbed together."

May God make it so."

I wanted to post this blog to remind myself, and publicly remind Katie, that I am committed to her, heart and soul. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect women to be my wife and the mother of our child.

Here's to our next great adventure, Heart and Soul.

Posted on July 17, 2012 and filed under Family.