From Grace to Gratitude

A year ago I was on a list to be deployed (I’m an officer in the National Guard)… yet wasn’t.

Five months ago the company I started nearly four years prior was acquired by DeveloperTown.

A month ago my wife and I bought our first home.

A week ago we brought our second child into that home.

A day ago I caught the reflection of my face in my son’s eyes and felt the weight of fatherhood.

And this morning… this morning I paused.

I paused because when life is moving this fast it’s easy to think I’m the author of the good things and receiver of the bad, and that could’t be further from the truth. This tweet from Jeff Vanderstelt puts it well:

In giving thanks we express joyful humility because we admit we were in need and received from another what we did not have.

In each and every one of the circumstances listed above I was on the receiving end of an insane amount of grace. Amazing, talented, selfless people have gone out of their way to help me and if my daily reflex isn’t gratitude, I’m being irrational.

The only rational response to grace is gratitude.

Pausing daily affords me the opportunity to remind myself that the goal of my life isn’t my own happiness or comfort. That my purpose should trump momentary passion if I want to do valuable work.

So this morning won’t be the last time I pause in gratitude. It can’t be.

Because a year from now my son will be one and my daughter nearly three.

A decade from now I’ll have had the opportunity to work with clients to bring hundreds of products to market.

A century from now the only thing that will still matter will be how I served others and my God.

So from now on, every day is Thanksgiving for me. And if I have to eat obscene amounts of great food every day in order to remind myself, I can live with that.

Posted on December 2, 2014 .