Hello there! My name is Nick Wangler... I'm a marketer of products and changer of diapers. 

I serve as the Director of Marketing Services at a company called DeveloperTown, where I help entrepreneurs and brands launch new products into the market. We specialize at the start of web and mobile products, providing expertise on designing, developing, and launching product-based business. Our clients range from multi-million dollar brands to venture-backed entrepreneurs who have experience in a particular industry, see an opportunity for a new product, and are ready to execute. 

Through this process I provide each client with the marketing analysis, strategy, and thinking to find the product's first and most loyal fans. 

And I get to do it all from this house in our Indianapolis office: 


But the things I hold most dear reside in a different house altogether. I'm happily married, and the father of an amazing two year old girl and newborn boy. Oh and we have a crafty Border Collie-Lab mix as well. 

If you think there's any way I may be helpful, I'd love to meet you. You can contact me here and I'll be quick to respond. Otherwise, the best way to connect is Twitter: @nickwangler